In my work, I represent the ethical principles formulated by IKC (International Kinesiology College). And those of the DGAK (German Society of Applied Kinesiology), of which I am a member, and which also represents these principles.

That means, that I ...
-    Assist the client in his current process.
-    I do not make medical diagnoses nor prescribe or treat physical illnesses or pains unless there’s an appropriate authority.
-    I believe in the self-regulating life energy.
-    I am the client's support and companion on his way to change.
-    I allow the person to participate consciously in their own development.
-    I committed to my higher education and self-knowledge, so to reach the required level of my education.
-    I am a professional in dealing with my clients and my colleagues.
-    Respect the confidentiality of the client.
-    I respect the limits and possibilities of both mine and those of my client.
-    Respect the rights of every human being.
-    I value the quality in the service and in my work with clients.
-    I respect the choice of the client.
-    I focus on the potential of the client and not on the pathology.
-    I recognize that the muscle test is not in itself, nor by itself a decision maker, but an aid in the process of decision making.
-    I acknowledge that the responsibility before, during and after the balance always lay with the client.
-    I do not issue judgments or accusations against the client.
-    I believe that when the energy of the person is balanced, the powers of self-healing are activated.



In addition, I agree to follow the ethical guidelines and adhere to the professional code for continuing education of the Forum for the Guidance of Value of Continuing Education e.V. (Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung eV) therefore I have the right to use the seal of "Quality - Transparency - Integrity".