„ Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.“

Ariadna Velazquez

Ariadna Velazquez

My favourite phrase, my life’s motto. The truth is I had never dared to entirely live it. Perhaps I tried, but always with caution. Preferably not all at once, because embodying and being a living example of this phrase, implies stepping out of my comfort zone and be notorious. Show my authentic self, face what others might think of me.

My superpower was to make myself invisible in the face of life's challenges, the idea of being notorious terrified me. When I faced a great opportunity, I made myself small. In 2011 I moved from Mexico City to Germany to follow a dream. Convinced that it was the best decision for me, I learned a new language, adapted to the weather and tried to build something similar to what I had left behind.

Despite being a big change, I still felt frustrated about repeating the same without getting anywhere. Spinning around worse than a hamster would do. But life presented me with several unexpected events that shook me. I had no choice but to rethink everything that I had always believed to be true. It was then when I began to embody this powerful phrase of Rumi.

Safety, goodbye! Fear, ahem! Yes, lots. Reputation, what can I say, I had to leave behind everything that I no longer was and did not impel me to grow. Notoriety... Gulp!

In truth, I think that life is wonderful because it put us face to face with the necessary challenges to grow, we only need to be observant. I am convinced that these challenges are an excellent opportunity for personal growth. If we know which resources we count on and use them at those times, we will achieve our greatest potential.

Kinesiology has given me the tools I need to keep growing, to face my fears, to make friends with uncertainty and to destroy my reputation, that is, to leave behind those emotions and attitudes that are no longer useful to me. Follow my dreams, despite the fear of being notorious. It is in this discipline where I have found the meaning of my life.

To think about the infinite possibilities that are to be discovered and to know that the answers to our wellbeing lie within us is my greatest motivation.

I am grateful to be able to accompany my clients on their path to discover their potential, regardless of their age, providing them with the tools they need to achieve their goals, be it at work, at school or on their personal lives. Motivate them to go beyond their limits.

Are you ready to discover your potential? Contact me I would be glad to accompany you on your way.